REAL ESTATE CONSULTING in Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow & Westchester County, NY

When searching for a home, you want to be sure you're investing a home that "has good bones" and meets your family needs (or has the potential to meet your needs with a renovation). That's where Amodeo Contracting comes in.

When looking for your perfect home, often times, you never find the exact home that you are looking for. It is rare to find a home that "checks all the boxes." So what you end up with is a home that is almost perfect, but you need to do some renovation, or add an addition. This is where you engage Amodeo Contracting for real estate consulting services.


We will meet with you, preferably prior to any placed offers. As we learn what your family needs and desires are, we prepare a "wish list" for everything you desire in a home. Once we have compiled the information, we are your partner when you view homes, keeping your vision for your dream home in mind while doing the walk through. After our site visits to different homes, we will guide you through each home we visited and advise on how much you will need to invest in renovations to transform the home and make it yours, even if we need to split up the construction into more than one phase.

Once you have an accepted offer, we start planning your renovation. While there is certainly no obligation to have Amodeo Contracting complete your renovation, more often than not, clients engage us for the construction aspect once they see how thorough we are in the process and our attention to every detail. Please feel free to call our Founder & CEO, Damian Amodeo, and we will meet with you and discuss how we transform your home into something you can enjoy for many years to come!