We will ask you about your project and get a general understanding of the type of project, timeline, etc. Once we've determined we can help, we will schedule a site meeting with you. We ask that all "decision makers" be present for our meeting.


During our first meeting, we will evaluate your project for feasibility and analyze the scope to confirm your investment, no matter how large or small, will be allocated wisely. We want to know exactly what YOU want, so we will ask you many detailed questions to be able to develop a budgetary number after understanding the scope and the finishes for your project - Listening to YOU and your needs is what we do!


We will discuss your budget with you and give some preliminary thoughts. After our first meeting, we evaluate all the collected information and assemble a budgetary number within 10-15% of what we feel the project will be


A second meeting to present the budget proposal will be arranged. A review of the budget proposal will inform you of how to best approach your project


Time to get started with the design! We sign a design agreement and start to design your project, visiting showrooms, meeting with the architect and/or designer, reviewing samples, presenting a budget tracking sheet to ensure your selections stay on budget, firming up designs/selections, and more


We're ready for construction! You will be walked through our "pre-construction checklist" to prepare your home and family for the project. Lots of upfront planning will result in fewer to no change orders. Constant communication, cleanliness, weekly site meetings, project supervision, and proper project scheduling will lead to great results!