Home Remodeling Contractor

Damian Amodeo, the owner and president of Amodeo Contracting, has been in the construction industry for over 23 years. Starting with architecture in high school and college, he started working in the field as a carpenter's apprentice at the age of 19. After working under a few builders and home remodeling contractors, he decided to start his own business at the age of 22.

In the beginning, Damian started tackling projects from decks to finish carpentry. His desire for larger and more complex projects started to grow. Over time, the projects became more involved. He started completing projects including home additions, large renovations, kitchens, bathrooms, and custom millwork built in his own millwork shop. Damian has years of experience working as a home remodeling contractor and home builder. He also excels at working on high-end residential construction with a high level of detail and difficulty.


Damian has a clear vision on how he manages Amodeo Contracting Inc. It starts with the belief on laser focused attention to every small detail. These details are foreseen and discussed during the planning phase. This approach saves time and stress of "on the fly decisions" during construction. There are many qualified contractors and builders out there, but the process and experience for the client play a large role in the overall project success.

Beyond the detailed work is a deeper layer. It's one that makes Damian's commitment to his business and his clients stand out among the rest. Service and client relations are the building blocks for every project, no matter the size. What does service mean to Damian Amodeo? It means communication. It also means having a team available to address the everyday obstacles that come with renovating or building a new home. Keeping the project on budget by educating and guiding the client during the decision-making process is vital to successful project.

Additionally, by executing a realistic but aggressive schedule & weekly site meetings with the client and design professionals, we keep the project on target. A clear and concise contract outlining all project specifications avoids the ever-so-common change orders that plague homeowners. But nothing in life is perfect, and when we hit a bump in the road it's important for us to come up with an immediate plan and put that bump behind us.

Whether introducing an architect or designer to the project, or working with the client's design professionals, Damian's commitment to professionalism and project organization is at the forefront of every project. No project is without its challenges. However, together as a team, those challenges can be tackled and addressed efficiently. Building the right team is everything. Having a home remodeling contractor and builder that is your partner during the entire project and long after completion is the only way Damian and his team know how to be.


There is no shortage of choices when it comes to hiring a home remodeling contractor or builder for your next home renovation, addition, or new home project. There is one thing that you can rest assured. When you hire Amodeo Contracting Inc and his team to design and build your next project, you are getting a team of professionals who have a stellar reputation for their work. Our approach, our execution, and our commitment to your overwhelming satisfaction is as important as any other detail. We are proud to have many references of satisfied clients and we are happy to share them with you upon request.

In the end, we promise to deliver you a complete experience that will far exceed your expectations in quality, respect, attention to detail, and within your budget. Let's start a conversation!