New Home Construction in Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow & Westchester County, NY

You have the vision of what your dream home looks like, but how do you turn that vision into a reality? Amodeo Contracting is the Design/Build firm to bring your dream to life. Whether you have been working with an architect or starting at the very beginning, we can help.

Maybe you've started the process already and have plans from your architect. We will meet with you to review your plans and existing site. Whether your plans are meant for budgetary pricing or construction, our years of experience will allow us to develop a realistic budget for your new home.

The home itself isn't the only thing to consider. Site considerations such as storm water management, retaining walls, and landscaping are only some of the other aspects of the projects that need to be factored into your budget. It could sound overwhelming for the client building their first home but Amodeo Contracting will work closely with the architect, engineer, and designer to make sure nothing is a surprise cost down the road.

Building a new home requires a tremendous amount of planning by a team of design professionals and a builder that has vast knowledge and experience in new home construction. With our expertise and our team of skilled trades, Amodeo Contracting will guide you through the process from concept to completion.


Maybe you just have a concept for your new home and need to start the process. Our Design/Build approach will organize and streamline the process. After meeting with you to understand your style and needs, we will introduce an architect and designer (if applicable) to start the creative process. Creating the design team from the early stages has many advantages. The collaboration between builder, architect and designer yields amazing ideas early on. Two or three heads is always better than one and our success is built on this collaboration with our design professionals. No room for ego here!

Understanding how design ideas affect function and budget is critical. That's why having us on board during the creative process allows our client to understand how every decision, whether large or small, will impact the project. As we move through the design process, we will price different concepts and educate you on all aspects so you can make an educated decision before finalizing that idea.


Once your design is complete, we deliver a firm and accurate cost for your project. The thoroughness of our process minimizes and sometimes eliminates change orders that are all too common even in new construction. Nailing all the details prior to contract means we know exactly what it will take to build your dream home. No surprises. No stones left unturned.


Years of experience has taught us that it is easy for clients to be overwhelmed during the decision making process. With a talented team of professionals behind you, the process will be far less stressful. Educating our clients on their selections as it relates to budget and functionality is essential to a successful


It is vital that all proper permits are obtained for your project. As your builder, we will help you obtain the necessary permits. Although similar, many cities or towns have their own requirements that will need to be met prior to approval. Streamlining this process gets us ready to start your project more quickly. Once permits are in hand, we are ready to break ground.


While construction is underway, you will find our process provides you peace of mind that the project is well organized and managed. A project manager will coordinate all trades and be on site to answer their questions. In addition, our weekly site meetings with you and the design team will ensure your project is being built to the agreed specifications and on schedule. Construction is never without bumps in the road, but constant communication allows us to spearhead any issues that can arise. The team will quickly devise a plan to move past the issue and get us back on track.

The relationships we forge with our clients are the foundation for our success. It is imperative you have a partner when building your home. Amodeo Contracting will be that partner and make your experience an exciting one.....just the way it should be. Call us today and let us help you build your dream home. We are confident you will love the results.